Please note: If a link is broken or says Page Cannot be Displayed, simply copy and paste the address from under the Scholarship Name or type the address in the browser bar. If all else fails, do a search of the scholarship name.

While receiving some scholarships may adjust your financial aid award from your chosen institution, many of the scholarships listed on this page, especially the locally awarded scholarships, are issued directly to the student. This makes the funds available for expenses beyond tuition. The Guidance office saff strongly suggests you apply for any scholarship for which you qualify.

Deadline 4/25/20019

J. Bryan and Norma R. McCann
Eligibility:Graduating Senior or 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year College Student who are graduates of Fort Frye High School or any public or private High School in Washington County, Ohio. High School students should submit an official transcript. Per Century National Bank, College Students do not need to submit an offical transcript BUT the transcript you send must have all of your college grades to date on it, not just the current semester grades.
Amount: Varies
Submit Application: Postmark on or before April 25, 2019 To: Century National Bank, Trust Department, P.O. Box 1515, Zanesville, Ohio 43702-1515.
Click Here to Download McCann Applicaton

Deadline 4/26/2019

American Legion Riders: Not available on the web.
Eligibility: Graduating seniors and students currently enrolled in college for a first degree.
Amount: 2 @ $1,000
Submit Application: Received by above deadline to address on application.
Download Fill and Print ALR Scholarship Application

Beverly Lions Club Helen Allen Recognition Reward: Not Available on the Web.
Eligibility: Fort Frye or Waterford Senior. Involved in school activities and community service a plus.
Amount: $500
Submit Application: Due in Guidance by above deadline.
Download the Beverly Lions Club Helen Allen Scholarship

The Citizens Bank Company Scholarship: Not available on the web
Eligibility: One each to a Senior at Fort Frye High School and a Senior at Waterford High School. Transcript, 1 letter of recommendation from teacher OR employer.
Amount: 2 @ $500
Submit Application: By above deadline to the Guidance Office
Download The Citizens Bank Company Scholarship Form

Fort Frye Athletic Boosters: Not available on the web
Eligibility: Fort Frye Senior, been a varsity athlete for at least two years including the senior year at FFHS. Taken the ACT by the end of February of their senior year, 2.2+GPA, not been suspended or ineligible while in grades 9-12. Additional details on application.
Amount: 2 @ $500 one male and one female athlete
Submit Application: Due in Guidance Office by above deadline
Download the Fort Frye Athletic Boosters Scholarship

Salem Liberty Alumni Association: Not available on the web
Eligibility: Current academic year graduate of Fort Frye High School who attended Salem LIberty Elementary School at least 3 years.
Amount: To be determined by donations.
Submit Application: To the Guidance Office by the above deadline.
Download the Salem Liberty Alumni Scholarship

Deadline 4/30/2019

American Legion Catherine and John Mezik Memorial Nurses Scholarship: Not Available on the Web.
Eligibility: Graduating Senior from Fort Fye or Waterford HS pursuing a degree as a Registered Nurse.
Amount: $500
Submit Application: By the above deadline to the HS Guidance Office.
Download the Catherine and John Mezik Memorial Nurses Scholarship

Ohio School Counselor Association Undergraduate Scholarship: not available on the web
Eligibility: Accepted to a 4-year Ohio public or private institution of higher education. 3.0+GPA. Attends a high school where at least one school counselor is an active professional member of the Ohio School Counselor Association
Amount: $500
Submit Application: Oline by the above date. You are welcome to bring your application and essay to the Guidance Office and they will scan and upload it for you.
Download the Ohio School Counselor Association Undergraduate Scholarship

Par Mar Stores Scholarship:
Eligibility: Anyone who resides in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, or Kentucky. Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic record, community involvement, school activities, honors, work experience, statement of career goals and financial need.
Amount: Undisclosed. Awards are for one year, but students can reapply every year.
Submit Application: Must be received by the above date to: Par Mar Stores Scholarship Committee 114-A, Westview Avenue, Marietta, OH 45750
Click here to download Par Mar Stores Scholarship Application

Deadline 5/1/2019

American Legion Auxiliary Russell Chadwick Unit 389 Scholarship: Not available on the web
Eligibility: Member or a son/daughter (grand, great-grand, step or adopted) of a current or deceased member of Russell Chadwick Post, Unit or Squadron 389. HS senior or graduate pursuing further educatio at an accredited institution of higher learning. Four letters of recommendation are requires including: One letter from an administrator or teacher, one letter from a memeber of the religious institutuion attended by the applicant, one letter from a member of Russell Chadwick Post, Unit or Squadron 389. Transcript with ACT/SAT scores.Acceptance letter. List of extra-curricular activities, community involvement and hobbies. A brief statement on "How This Award Will Help Me Achieve My Goals." Additional details
Amount: 2 @ $1,000
Submit Application: Received to address on application by the above deadline.
CLick here to download the American Legion Auxiliary Russell Chadwick Scholarship

American Legion Auxillary Past Presidents Parley - Nurse's Scholarship:
Eligibility: Spouse, son or daughter (adopted, step, grand or great-grand) of a living, deceased, or disabled honorable discharged veteran active during specific dates. Sponsored by an Ohio American Legion Unit. Three letters of recommendation. Entering nursing profession. Other details on application.
Amount: Undisclosed
Submit Application: To local American Legion Auxillary Russell Chadwich Post Unit 114 Fifth Street, P.O. Box 155 Beverly, OH 45715) by date on application.
Click here to download the ALA Past Presidents Parley Nurse's Scholarship

Lowell Masonic: Not available on the web
Eligibility: FFHS senior, 2.5+ GPA, Financial need. Application packet MUSt inlcude: application, copy of acceptance letter, current high schoool transcript, up to 3 but no less than 2 letters or recommendation.
Amount: $500
Submit Application: Due in Guidance by above deadline.
Download the Lowell Masonic Scholarship

Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival Essay Contest:
Eligibility: 2016 High School senior in Wood County, WV or Washington County, OH who plan to continue their education. Essay topic, questions and requriements are outlined on the application.
Amount: $500
Submit Application: By the above deadline to this email: please put MOVMCF Scholarship in the subject line.
Click here to download the MOV Multi Cultural Festival Essay Contest Application
Click here to download the MOV Multi Cultural Festival Essay Topics

Mt. Moriah Eastern Star:Not available on the web.
Eligibility: Any graduating senior at FFHS and WHS who attends any type of institutuion or school whose program constitutes post-high education may be considered.
Amount: $1,000 ($300 to student for books and $700 to college or university after receiveing proof of enrollment)
Submit Application: Due in Guidance by the above deadline
Download the Mt. Moriah Eastern Star Scholsrship

Sons of the American Legion Scholarship: Not available on the web.
Eligibility: HS senior at Warren, Wolf Creek or Fort Frye OR any son/daughter of the Post Family regardless of school. 4 letters of recommendation; 1 from clergyman of the church applicant attends, one from the Principal, Assistant Principal or Giudance Counselor of the high school applicant attends, one from a member of Russell Chadwick Post of The American Legion, one from a citizen of the community where the applicant lives or from the family doctor. STatement of extra curricular activites, participation in public affairs. A brief biographical statement from the applicant including particular interests, hobbies, and community participation. Transcript. Additional details and selection criteria on application. This scholarship will cover all pahses of education - College, Career, or Technical.
Amount: 2 (1 Merit based and 1 Need based) @ $500
Submit Application: By above deadline to address on application
Download Sons of the American Legion Scholarship

Deadline 5/3/2019

The Sonny Bidwell Memorial Baseball Scholarship: Not avaiilable on the web
Eligibility: Graduating FFHS Baseball player, paricipated in basebal for at least 3 years, 2.0+GPA, plan on pursing a post-high school degree at an accredited institution. Transcript, essay, two letters of recommdendation. Additional details on application linked below.
Amount: Undisclosed
Submit Application: By the above deadline to Ms. Allen.
Click here to download The Sonny Bidwell Memorial Baseball Scholarship

Deadline 5/31/2019

Washington Soil & Water Conservation District: Not available on the web.
Eligibility: Record of volunteerism and extracurricular participation. 2.0+GPA, planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college or technical school disciplining in agriculture or natural resources. Additional required documents listed on scholarship application.
Amount: 2 @ $250
Submit Application: Received by above deadline to address on application
Download Washington Soil & Water Scholarship

Deadline 6/15/2019

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship:
Eligibility: Have completed high school or plan to complete high school by Spring 2019 with plan to enroll in an eligible program by fall 2019, demonstrate critical financial need (must be eligibile to receive the Federal Pell grant as determined by complettion of the FAFSA), younger than 30 years old, US Citizen, be involved in community service activities. Additional details on form below.
Amount: Varies, up to $2,500 depending on program
Submit Appliation: Online at above link. Transcripts must be uploaded on web page. See guidance for an electronic copy.
Click her to view Horatio Alger Career and Technical Scholarshp details

Deadline 6/30/2019 Scholarships for Student Caregivers:
Eligibility: Applicants must be actively enrolled in or accepted to attend a U.S. college or university and pursuing a career in senior care. Essay or video required. Details on link above.
Amount: 2 @ $1,500
Submit Application: Application is online as are the submission requirements.

Deadline 7/31/2019

ABC Law Center Cerebral Palsey Scholarship:
Eligibility: High school senior, undergraduate in college or graduate student who has cerebral palsey. 3.0+ GPA Essay required. Details on web link above. Application available on link above or click below to download application. Scholarship not open to current or past clients of ABC Law Center.
Amount: $1,000
Submit Application: Emailed to: Genevieve Kotasek ( With the subject line: Cerebral Palsy Scholarship Application Materials.
Click here to download ABC Law Center Cerebral Palsey Scholarhip Application

Deadline 8/15/2019

Capital Auto Auction Scholarship:
Eligibility: Undergraduate student majoring in a STEM field of study ( computer sciences, engineering, mathematics, natural sciences (including physical, biological, and agricultural sciences and related fields) and attending an accredited college or university.
Amount: 1 @ $1,000 2 @ $250
Submit Application: Online by above due date. Click link above to access online application.

Variable Deadlines

Early Childhood Educations Scholarships:
Eligibility: There is a variety of scholarships listed on this site. Each has it's own due date and eligibility guidelines.
Amout: Varies by scholarship
Submit Application: Guidlines outlined on each individual scholarship.

Unigo Scholarships:
Eligibility: Varies by individual scholarship.
Amount: Varies by scholarships. Over $47,000 available
Submit Application:All scholarships and details are availabel through the link above.

No Set Deadline

Imagine Americal Scolarships for Trade Schools in Ohio:
Eligibility: Apply, be accepted to and attend the college that offers a specific scholarshp. Details vary be scholarship
Amount: Varies by school and scholarship
Submit Application: Contact the school of interest of an enrollment application and details about the scholarship process

National Guard Scholarship:
Eligibility: Two available: To receive one of these scholarships, you must be involved in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) with a National Guard unit while in school, and have a letter of acceptance from a local Guard unit stating that they will accept you in an SMP status. Following graduation, cadets begin a new Military Service Obligation (MSO) contract and serve eight years in the Guard, which includes training.
Amount: Varies by award given details on web page.
Submit Application: See National Guard recuruiter

New Harvest Mission Service Scholarships:
Eligibility: 2.5+ GPA. Additional details available on web site
Amount: Scholarships range from $300 to $25,000
Submit Appliation: email for application and details

Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP):
Eligibility: An applicant must: An applicant must: Complete a FAFSA and online NEALP Application and be an Ohio resident, be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, be enrolled in or be accepted for enrollment approved nurse education programs in Ohio colleges, universities, hospitals, or vocational schools, Not be in default or owe a refund to any Federal Financial Aid program, Maintain an academic record which places the student in good academic standings within the institution
Note: Due to limited funding available and the continued abundance of practicing LPNs, NEALP will once again make awards for the 2016-2017 academic year only to RN and nurse instructor candidates 
annual award for most recent academic year was $1,500/year
Submit Application: At above link.

Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG):
Eligibility: Ohio residents in an associate’s degree, first bachelor’s degree, or nurse diploma program at an eligible Ohio or Pennsylvania institution with an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of 2190 or less and a maximum household income of $75,000.
Amount: Varies by student
Submit Application: Complete the FAFSA.

Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund:
Eligibility: Children or spouse of peace officer, fire fighter and certain other safety officers who were killed in the line-of-duty anywhere in the United States.
Amount: Varies
Submit Application: See site for details.

Ohio War Orphans Scholarship:
Eligibility: Awards tuition assistance to the children of deceased or severely disabled Ohio veterans who served in the armed forces during a period of declared war or conflict. Must be an Ohio resident, under the age of 25 and enrolled for full-time undergraduate study at an eligible Ohio college or university.
Amount: Varies
Submit Application: See Site for Details

Washington County Career Center Scholarships:
Eligibility: 2.5+GPA, 90% or better attendance junior and senior years.
Amount: 30% of tuition cost at the Career enter Adult Technical Training.
Submit Application: To the address on the application
Click here to download application form.

Specific College's Individual Scholarships

Remember to check the college website to which you are applying or check the Guidance Resource room file cabinet

Deadline: Varies Check website

Cincinnati Christian University ESports Scholarships:
Submit Application: This program is scheduled to begin in 2019. Details were not available at the site. Contact Jared Fayne ( for more details.

Mount St. Joseph University:
Eligibility: Accepted to Mt. St. Joseph, additional criteria listed by scholarship
Amount: Varies by scholarship
Submit Application: Apply for admission to Mount St. Joseph. Other guidelines listed bys scholarship.
Notice: The award amounts have increased for seveal scholarshps. Click Here to see the updated amounts and requriements for selection.

Ohio Valley University:
Eligibility: OVU offers a number of academic scholarships to students with at least a 21 ACT composite and a 3.0 Accumulative GPA.
Amount: Varies by Academic Factor [(ACT Score) x (High School GPA) = Academic Factor]
Submit Application: Apply to OVU to be considered for any institutional scholarships.

Ohio Valley University Niche Scholarships:
Eligibility: Applicant to OVU. Interested in one of the niche topics: social media, ultimate frisbee, missions, videography, and performing arts.
Amount: $38,000 divided among the different categories
Submit Application: Students applying to OVU can go to the address above and click the scholarship link to apply.

Oral Roberts University:
Eligibility: High School Senior or College transfer student accepted to ORU for fall of 2017- nomination required
Amount: Up to $20,000
Submit Application: Nomination form online

Washington State Community College Scholarships:
Eligibility: Be accepted to Washington State Community College and have completed a 2019-2020 FAFSA. Washington State Community College is offer
Amount: From $250 to Full tuition
Submit Application: By March 15th at the above link

West Virginia University Parkersburg:
Eligibility: Many scholarships are available for incoming freshmen, including academic awards, awards by major, special circumastances and many others.
Amount: Varies by Scholarship
Submit Application: Use the link above to locate details on scholasrhip qualifications and application rules.