Please note: If a link is broken or says Page Cannot be Displayed, simply copy and paste the address from under the Scholarship Name or type the address in the browser bar. If all else fails, do a search of the scholarship name.

Deadline 10/25/2017

Horatio Alger Scholarship:
Eligibility: Enrolled ful-time as a high school senior in the US, on track to graduate in spring/summer of 2016 with plans to enter a college in the US no later than the fall following graduation. $55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income is required. Extracurricular (sports and community service a plus), 2.0+ GPA, US citizen.
Amount:106 @ $25,000
Submit Application: By above deadline. "An online application is available at the link above. Per the scholarship site: "This form must be filled out online. Faxes, emails, or letters will not be accepted."

Deadline 10/27/2017

US Bank Scholarship Program:
Eligibility: Scholarship program is open and offered to legal residents of the 50 United States (except FL and NY) and the District of Columbia (“U.S.”) who are at least 13 years or older, and current undergraduate students enrolled by September 1, 2017 at an accredited two- or four-year U.S. college or university . Winners will be selected at random. Click here for additional details.
Amount: 1 @ $20,00 1 @ $10,000 3 @ $5,000
Submit Application: By the above deadline on the website above. Strictly an on-line application.

Deadline 10/31/2017

Coca-Cola Scholarships:
Eligbility: 3.0+ GPA, Current HS senior anticipating completion of HS diploma at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Additional details on web page. Three different awards are listed, Coco-Cola Scholars, Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team and the Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise. Click here for complete application instructions.
Amount: Varies by award type
Submit Application: Online ONLY at the above link.

Elks Emergency Grant:
Eligibility: The Emergency Educational Grant program provides financial assistance to children of deceased or totally disabled Elks, who wish to obtain or further their college education.
Amount: up to $4,000
Submit Application: All applications—new and renewal—must be submitted to the Elks National Foundation Scholarship Office in Chicago. Upon receipt of the application, our office will contact the parent’s or step-parent’s Elks Lodge to verify membership information.
If you or someone you know qualifies for the Emergency Educational Grant, please contact our office to request a copy of the application. Please call 773/755-4732 or email to request an application.

Patriots Pen:
Eligibility: Students in grades 6th, 7th, & 8th. Write a 300 to 400 word typwritten essay on this years theme. Additional details on the website above, or click here to download and print the application form.
Amount: Awards are given on a local, state and national level from a pool of $54,000.
Submit Application: Click here for a copy of the local VFW information

Voice of Deomcracy:
Eligibility: Students in grades 9-12, enrolled in high school or home study program in the US. Write and record an original 3-5 minute essay on an audio CD or flash drive.
Amount: Awards are given on a local, state and national level from a pool of $54,000.
Submit Application: Click here for a copy of the local VFW information. Click here for a printable copy of the application with local VFW submission information.

Deadline 11/6

Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship:
Eligibility: Enrolling in a two year college, financial need, documentation of an identified learning disability. Additional eligibilty requirements on web link above.
Amount: $2,500
Submit Application: Mail to address on application. Student must create an account and apply online.

Ann Ford Scholarship:
Eligibility: Enrolling in a four year college, 3.0+GPA, financial need, documentation of an identified learning disability Additional eligibilty requirements on web link above.
Amount: $10,00 to ($2,500 per year renewable)
Submit Application: Mail to address on application. Student must create an account and apply online.

Deadline 11/7/2017

NASSP Prudential Spirit of Community Award: or
Eligibility: Students in grades 5-12 as of November 3 and a legal resident of the US or the District of Columbia. Engaged in a volunteer activity that occurred at least in part after 9/1/2015. Complete an application and submit to a school principal or the head of an officially deignated local organization by November 8, 2016.
Amount: Varies by level. State honorees receive $1,000 an engraved sliver medallion and an all-expense-paid trip to Washington D.C. in May to compete on the national level. National winners receive $5,000 an engraved gold medallion and other prizes including a $5,000 dontaion to the non-profit of their choice.
Submit Application: On-line by the above deadline at one of the links indicated.

Deadline 11/15/2017

The Furious Grill Scholarship:
Eligibility: Students from universities, colleges or high school. If you are below 18 years old, make sure to get the consent of your parents or legal guardian before participating. Having a cooking passion is a major plus factor as we will be choosing the winner based on this factor and his submitted files and essay. 50 to 1,000 word essay
Amount: $1,000
Submit Application: By the above deadline to with the subject: Scholarship Submission

Deadline 11/24/2017

Economic Roundtable Scholarship
Eligibility: Attending Mareitta College Fall of 2018, exluding currently enrolled college students. Three letters of recommendation, essay of not more than one page discussion your involvement in your community, your volunteer work, and your post-secondary education plans.
Amount: $2,000 renwable for 3 more years ($8,000 total)
Submit Application: By above date to address on application or online.
Download the Roundtable Scholarship Application

Deadline 11/27/2017

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition:
Eligibility: The Most Valuable Student scholarship contest is open to any high school senior who is a US Citizen. Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need. Male and female stuents compete separately. See the FAQ section of the Elk's page or the FFHS Guidance Office for assistance.
Amount: National awards vary betewen $1,000 and $12,500 per year.
Submit Application:The application is completely on line this year. There is a counselor form that has to be completed.
There are local awards for this scholarship, please serious consider submitting an application!

Deadline 11/30/2017

**This scholarship is for current college students only**
Direct Energy Live Brighter Scholarship:
Eligibility: Must be a registered college student for the 2017-2018 School year, GPA of 3.0+, submit essay or video. Additonal details on the link above.
Amount: 1@$5,000 2@$2,500
Submit Application: By the above deadline. Deatils on the link above.

Deadline 12/1/2017

**This scholarship is for current college students only**
American Legion Auxiliary Continuing Education Grant
Eligibility: Upperclassman in college, university or other institution, active duty or an honorably discharged veteran or a spouse, daughter or son (adopted, step, grand, or great-grand) of a lviing, deceased, or disbaled honorably discharged war veteran who served during specific dates (outlined on application), resident of OHio, sponsored by an Ohio American Legion Auxiliary Unit, show proof of program enrollment. Additional requirements outlined on application.
Amount: 15 @ $200
Submit Application: Received by above deadline to address or email listed on application.
Click Here to Download Application

Deadline 12/18/2017

Study Pug Math Help Scholarship:
Eligibility: The annual scholarship award is for students who are currently enrolled as a high school or college/university student within the United States or Canada. Students register and submit a to 1,000 word essay that meets the following criteria: Math is everywhere around us. Benjamin Franklin once said: "No employment can be managed without arithmetic, no mechanical invention without geometry."

To the best of your ability, complete a 500-1000 word article discussing how a math teacher, a math class, a math tutor, or a math lesson has changed how you see the world around you.
Amount: $1,000
Submit Application: Register on-line. Essay must be submitted in .pdf format at the above link.

Deadline 12/31/2017

Medical Assistant Courses Online:
Eligibility: Planning on enrolling, or are currently enrolled in a medical assisting program, over the age of 18, sumit application and 500 word essay or 3 to 5 minute video on the topic: "Why you want to become a medical assistant and how you came to the decision to start a career in medical assisting." Additional Details on web page.
Amount: $2,000
Submit Application: Online only, upload video throug Youtube or Vimeo. Click here for applicaiton. Click here to upload video or submit essay.

Deadline 1/4/2017

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program:
Eligibility: Current HS senior planning to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study toward a bachelor's degree at an accredited four-year college or university in the US for the entire 2017-2017 academic year AND has a 3.0+ GPA, can demonstrate financial need. Demonstrates at school, at the workplace, and withing the community the attributes of leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship, U.S. Citizen.
Amount: 20 @ $10,000 renewable up to 4 years for $40,000 total
Submit Application: Online application and additional details available at the link above.

Deadline 1/30/2018

NHS Scholarships Program:
Eligibility: To be eligible to apply, a student must be a current high school senior and a member in good standing of an active NHS chapter. Eligible members must request application procedures from their NHS adviser. Beginning on October 6, NHS advisers may log in to download the materials to distribute to members and the principal.
Amount: A total of $1.5 million will be awarded, disbursed among 500 NHS seniors
Submit Application: Once the scholarship opens October 6th see your NHS adviser for application and submission details.

Deadline 2/10/2018

DAR - Wings of Eagles
Eligibility: Graduating High School senior, awards based on academic excellence tnad financial need. Citizen of the US, legal resident of hte state of Ohio, planning to attend a college or university in the US. Additional details outlined on scholarship application.
Amount: $1,000
Submit Application: Via mail or email (addresses listed on application) and received by DAR by the above deadline.
Click here to download DAR Wings of Eagles Scholarship Application

Deadline 2/15/2018

DAR - National Scholarships:
Eligibility: Citizen of the US and must attend or plan to attend an accredited college or university in the US. Packet MUST include the following (typed or computer generated) in the following order; Applicaiton, statement of 1,000 words or less setting forth career objective, transcript, up to bu(but not more thatn) 4 letters of recommendation, list o extra-curricular acitvities etc. on 1 side of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, photocopoy of proof of US citizenship; birth certificate, naturalization papers of information page of US passort, Financial need form (if required by specific scholarship), self-addressed, stamped postcard. GAP varies by scholarship.
Amount: Varies
Submit Application: Postmarked to address for specifiec scholarship by above deadline. Application packets are avaialable in the college resource room, or can be downloaded below or from the DAR website.
DAR National Scholarship Application Form
DAR Financial Need Form

WACE National CO-OP Scholarship Program:
Eligibility:3.5+GPA, be accepted to: Clarkson University, Drexel University, Merrimack College, Rochester Institute of Technology, State University of New York Oswego, The University of Toledo, University of Cincinnati, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Wentworth Institute of Technology. Application deadlines for each instituttution is listed on the scholarship web page. 200 word essay describing why you have chosen to pursue a college cooperative education program. Applying early for this scholarship is STRONGLY encouraged.
Amount: Up to 160 scholarships of $6,000 each
Submit Application: Online or paper and pencil- Work copies are available in the college resource room. Or you can mail a completed copy to : WACE; 600 Suffolk Street, Suite 125; Lowell, MA 01854. Mailed applications must be postmarked on or before the above deadline.

Deadline 2/28/2018

Parentinn Anti-Cyberbullying Scholarship:
Eligbility: A U.S. University or college for undergraduate or graduate studies. A high school, college or graudate student or a student planning to enter college. Submit a 600-1,000 word essay on: "Why and how to stop cyberbullying"
Amount: $1,250 to graduate or post-graduate student $1,250 to a High School Student
Submit Application: Download application at the site above and submit application and essay to:

No Set Deadline

Imagine Americal Scolarships for Trace Schools in Ohio:
Eligibility: Apply, be accepted to and attend the college that offers a specific scholarshp. Details vary be scholarship
Amount: Varies by school and scholarship
Submit Application: Contact the school of interest of an enrollment application and details about the scholarship process

National Guard Scholarship:
Eligibility: Two available: To receive one of these scholarships, you must be involved in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) with a National Guard unit while in school, and have a letter of acceptance from a local Guard unit stating that they will accept you in an SMP status. Following graduation, cadets begin a new Military Service Obligation (MSO) contract and serve eight years in the Guard, which includes training.
Amount: Varies by award given details on web page.
Submit Application: See National Guard recuruiter

New Harvest Mission Service Scholarships:
Eligibility: 2.5+ GPA. Additional details available on web site
Amount: Scholarships range from $300 to $25,000
Submit Appliation: email for application and details

Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP):
Eligibility: An applicant must: An applicant must: Complete a FAFSA and online NEALP Application and be an Ohio resident, be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, be enrolled in or be accepted for enrollment approved nurse education programs in Ohio colleges, universities, hospitals, or vocational schools, Not be in default or owe a refund to any Federal Financial Aid program, Maintain an academic record which places the student in good academic standings within the institution
Note: Due to limited funding available and the continued abundance of practicing LPNs, NEALP will once again make awards for the 2016-2017 academic year only to RN and nurse instructor candidates 
annual award for most recent academic year was $1,500/year
Submit Application: At above link.

Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG):
Eligibility: Ohio residents in an associate’s degree, first bachelor’s degree, or nurse diploma program at an eligible Ohio or Pennsylvania institution with an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of 2190 or less and a maximum household income of $75,000.
Amount: Varies by student
Submit Application: Complete the FAFSA.

Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund:
Eligibility: Children or spouse of peace officer, fire fighter and certain other safety officers who were killed in the line-of-duty anywhere in the United States.
Amount: Varies
Submit Application: See site for details.

Ohio War Orphans Scholarship:
Eligibility: Awards tuition assistance to the children of deceased or severely disabled Ohio veterans who served in the armed forces during a period of declared war or conflict. Must be an Ohio resident, under the age of 25 and enrolled for full-time undergraduate study at an eligible Ohio college or university.
Amount: Varies
Submit Application: See Site for Details

Washington County Career Center Scholarships:
Eligibility: 2.5+GPA, 90% or better attendance junior and senior years.
Amount: 30% of tuition cost at the Career enter Adult Technical Training.
Submit Application: To the address on the application
Click here to download application form.

Specific College's Individual Scholarships

Remember to check the college website to which you are applying or check the Guidance Resource room file cabinet

Deadline 11/1/2017

University of Dayton Leadership in Service Scholarship: Form in Guidance Office
Eligibility: Stduent must meet University of Dayton Admission Standards, apply and be accepted. Award is not based on GPA and test scores. Student who have an innate desire for personal development and are committed to service within their schoool, church, or community are ideal candidates.
Amount: $2,500 per year (renewable for four years for a total of $10,000)
Submit Application: See the Guidance Office if interested. Counselor must complete a nomination form.

Deadline 12/1/2017

Ohio University DHI-Quidel Cutler Scholar Award:
Eligibility: Graduating senior from Washington, Hocking or Morgan County. Applications are evaluated holistically and scholarsh are selected based on demonstrated merit and future promise in fourt areas: intellectual curiosity, civic responsibility, leadership and character. Applicants are not required to meet minimum GPA or ACT cirteria. However, selection is competitive. Application requires a resume, three short essays and two recommendations (one academic and one extracurricular). Also, a guidance counselor's evaluation of applicants' academic achievement and involvement as copared to other students at FFHS. Additional details available at the link above.
Amount: $23,000 renewable for up to four years
Submit Application: Details available at the link above.

Deadline 1/15/2018

Bowling Green State University Science and Math Education in ACTION:
Eligibility: Incoming BGSU freshman considering a career in teaching high school or middle school science and/or mathematics. Ohio resident, 3.0+ GPA, ACT of 23+. Please not that this is highly competitive scholarship and most ACTION scholars are well above the minimum requirements.
Amount: $4,000 the first year of college with increases up to more than $5,000 th fourth year up to $20,000 for all four year. Recipients also receive addtional programming, internship and networking opportunities. Deatlis at link above or the College Resource Room.
Submit Application: Online at above link.

Deadline 2/2/2018

Fairmont State Department of Music Scholarship Audition Day:
Eligibility: Scholarships available for Students applying or attending Fairmont State interested in a Major or Minor in Music.
Amount: $20,000 in total available
Submit Application: Contact: Brian F. Wright, Scholarship Chair;; 304-33-3645 or click on the above link for application and details.

Deadline 4/15/2018

Youngstown State University Trailblazer Scholarship:
Eligibility: Admitted to Youngstown State University as an incoming freshman. Complete entire application including essays. 3.0+GPA AND 19+ACT or 990+ composite SAT. Member of an underrepresented group (ethnic or socio-economic) and/or must be "first generation" college student (neither parent has a 4-year college degree from any country) Demonstrate financial need as defined by Federal Guidelines.
Amount: Up to $2,000 renewable for 6 semesters
Submit Application: Online at above link OR pick up applicaiton in Guidance Office.


Deadline: Varies Check website

Mount St. Joseph University:
Eligibility: Accepted to Mt. St. Joseph, additional criteria listed by scholarship
Amount: Varies by scholarship
Submit Application: Apply for admission to Mount St. Joseph. Other guidelines listed bys scholarship.
Notice: The award amounts have increased for seveal scholarshps. Click Here to see the updated amounts and requriements for selection.

Ohio Valley University:
Eligibility: OVU offers a number of academic scholarships to students with at least a 21 ACT composite and a 3.0 Accumulative GPA.
Amount: Varies by Academic Factor [(ACT Score) x (High School GPA) = Academic Factor]
Submit Application: Apply to OVU to be considered for any institutional scholarships.

Oral Roberts University:
Eligibility: High School Senior or College transfer student accepted to ORU for fall of 2017- nomination required
Amount: Up to $20,000
Submit Application: Nomination form online