Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

Student Absences and Excuses

Support Staff Leaves and Absences

Academic Achievement

Academic Freedom


Access to Buildings

Acceptable Use and Internet Safety

Accident Insurance, see "Insurance"

Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures

Accident Reports

Accountability, use "Commitment to Accomplishment" and subcategories

Accounting System

Accreditation Agencies, Relations with Acting Administrator, use "Temporary Administrative Arrangements"

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, use "Bloodborne Pathogens"

Acting Superintendent, use "Temporary Administrative Arrangements"

Activities Fees, use "Student Activities Fees"

Activities Funds Management, use "Student Activities FundsĀ  Management"

Adjourned Board Meetings, see "Meetings" and use appropriate existing descriptor(s) or break out new descriptor in BD sequence

Administering Medicines to Students (or Nonadministration of Medicines)


Administration Goals

Administration in Policy Absence

Adult Education Program Administration

District Administration Priority Objectives

Federal Grant Funds

General School Administration

School Building Administration

Special Programs Administration

Summer Program Administration

State and Federal Programs Administration

Test Administration

Administration Goals

Administration in Policy Absence

Administrative Consultants, use "Program Consultants"

Administrative Councils, Cabinets, and Committees

Administrative Intern Program

Administrative Organization Plan

Administrative Personnel, use "Professional Staff" or "Support Staff" as appropriate

Administrative Regulations, see "Regulations"

Administrative Reports

Administrative Rules, see "Regulations"

Administrators, see "Job Descriptions"

Admission of Homeless Students

Admission of Homeless Students Guidelines

Admission of Exchange Students

Admission of Interdistrict Transfer Students

Admission of Intradistrict Open Enrollment

Admission of Nonresident Students

Admission of Resident Students

Admission of Students from Nonchartered or Home Schooling


Free Admissions

Gate Receipts and Admissions

Student Admissions, use "School Admissions" and/or appropriate subcategories


Curriculum Adoption

Library Materials Selection and Adoption

Policy Adoption

Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption

Competency Based Education

Textbook Selection and Adoption

Adult Basic Education

Adult Education Program Administration

Adult Education Programs

Adult High School Programs

Adult High School Diplomas, use "Adult High School Programs", "Diplomas of Adult Education" or "Diplomas for WWII Veterans"

Adult Occupational Education

Advertising in the Schools

Advisory Committees to the Board

Advisory Councils, use "Advisory Committees to the Board" or "Administrative Councils, Cabinets and Committees"

Advisory School Board, use "Advisory Committees to the Board" or break out new descriptor under that term

Affirmative Action, use "Equal Opportunity Employment" if the action refers to employment of staff; if the action relates to staff, students, and/or public, use "Nondiscrimination"

Agenda Format

Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

Age of School Entrance, use "Entrance Age"

Agricultural Education, break out a descriptor in the IGA sequence if the offering is general education; break out a descriptor in the IGAD sequence if it is career-technical education

Aides, use "Teacher Aides"; also see "Job Descriptions"
AIDS, use "Bloodborne Pathogens"

Air Pollution Safety Procedures, break out a new descriptor under "Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures"

Alarms, use "Bomb Threats" or "Warning Systems," as appropriate


Alcohol Use by Students

Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol Use by Students

Alternative School Programs

Animals in the School

Annual Board Meeting, use "Board Organizational Meeting"

Annual Budget

Annuities, see "Fringe Benefits" and "Tax-Sheltered Annuities"

Anti-Poverty Authorities, Relations with

Appointment of Architect, use "Selection of Architect"

Appointment of Consultants, see "Consultants"

Appointment of School Attorney, use "School Attorney"

Appointment of Staff Members, see "Hiring"

Appraisals, use as appropriate "Evaluation of Instructional Programs," "School Properties Disposal Procedure," "Site Acquisition Procedure," or other terms designating what is being appraised

Appropriations, as appropriate use "Budget Adoption Procedures" or break out a new descriptor under that term; also see "Revenues"

Approval of Handbooks and Directives

Arbitration, use "Impasse Procedures"

Architect Selection, use "Selection of Architect"

Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes

Arrangements for Support Staff Substitutes

Arson Protection, use "Warning systems" or "Buildings and Grounds Security"

Arts Education, break out a new descriptor in IGA sequence

Asbestos, use "Reporting of Hazards"

Assaults, use "Public Conduct on School Property," "Staff Protection" and/or appropriate subcategories in "Student Conduct" and "Student Discipline" sequences


Assessment of Needs, see "Needs Assessment"


Assignment of Student to Classes

Assignment of Students to Schools

Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

Support Staff Assignments and Transfers

Assignment of Students to Classes

Assignment of Students to Schools

Assistant Principals, see "Job Descriptions"

Assistant Superintendents, see "Job Descriptions"

Associate Superintendents, see "Job Descriptions"

Associations, use "School Board Memberships" or "Professional Organizations"

Athletic Eligibility, see "Interscholastic Extracurricular Eligibility"

Athletics, use as appropriate "Intramural Programs" or "Interscholastic Athletics"

Athletics Director, see "Job Descriptions"


Compulsory Attendance Ages

Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance

School Attendance Areas

Student Attendance

Student Attendance Accounting

Attendance Accounting, use "Student Attendance Accounting" "Professional Staff Time Schedules," or "Support Staff Time Schedules"

Attendance Officer, use "Student Attendance Accounting"; also see "Job Descriptions"

Attendance Rewards, break out a new descriptor in the JE sequence

Attorney for the Board, use "School Attorney"

Audiovisual Aids, use "Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption"; also see "Instructional Materials"

Audiovisual Director, see "Job Descriptions"

Auditorium Use by Public, use "Community Use of School Facilities"


Authority of Board Members, use "Board Member Authority"

Authorized Signatures (Use of Facsimile Signatures)

Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials

Automobile Use by Students, use "Student Automobile Use"

Automotive Shop Repair, use "Income from School Shop Sales and Services"

Awards, use "Student Awards and Scholarships" or "Recognition for Accomplishment," as appropriate

Awarding of High School Diplomas to Veterans of War

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