Damage to School Property, use "Vandalism," "Care of School Property by Students," or Public Conduct on School Property"

Dangerous Weapons in the Schools, use "Weapons in the Schools"

Dangerous Schools, use "Unsafe Schools"

Data Management

Data and Records Retention

Dating Violence, use "Health Education," Hazing and Bullying (Harassment, Intimidation and DatingViolence" and "Reporting Child Abuse"

Day-Care Centers, if school facilities are made available to other community agencies for day-care centers, break out a new descriptor in the KG sequence; if operated by the school system, break out a new descriptor in the IGC sequence; centers operated only for staff or only for students who are parents will require breaking out new descriptors in the GB sequence or Section J

Deans, see "Job Descriptions"

Debt Limitation, use "Taxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations"

Decentralization, if basic governance of district is involved, break out a new descriptor under "School District Legal Status"; if district administration is involved, break out a new descriptor in the CC sequence or if appropriate use "School Building Administration"


Community Involvement in Decision-making

Staff Involvement in Decision-making

Student Involvement in Decision-making

Deductions from Pay, use "Salary Deductions"

Defacement of School Property, use "Vandalism," "Care of School Property by Students," and/or "Public Conduct on School Property"

De-Fact Segregation, use as appropriate "Nondiscrimination," "School Attendance Areas," and/or "Equal Educational Opportunities"

Delinquent Behavior, use "Student Conduct," "Student Discipline," and/or appropriate subcategories

Delivery Services, use "Mail and Delivery Services"

Demonstrations by Students, use "Student Demonstrations and Strikes"

Demonstration Schools, use "Curriculum Research" or "Pilot Projects"

Demonstrations of Products, use "Sales Calls and Demonstrations"

Dental Hygienists, see "Job Descriptions"

Department Chairman, see "Job Descriptions"

Depository of Funds

Desegregation, use as appropriate "Nondiscrimination," "School Attendance Areas," and/or "Equal Educational Opportunities"

De-staffing, use "Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force" and "Reduction in Support Staff Work Force"

Detention of Students

Determination of Budget Priorities

Development of Administrative Rules, use "Development of Regulations"

Development of Policies, use "Board Policy Development"

Development of Regulations

Development Opportunities

Board Member Development Opportunities

Professional Staff Development Opportunities

Superintendent's Development Opportunities

Support Staff Development Opportunities

Development of Philosophy of Education

Differentiated Staffing

Diploma of Adult Education

Diplomas to Veterans of War

Diplomas, use "Graduation Requirements"; also see "Adult High School Diplomas"

Diploma of Adult Education

Direct Affiliate Membership in the National School Boards Association, use "School Board Memberships"

Directives, use "Approval of Handbooks and Directives"

Directories, use as appropriate "Approval of Handbooks and Directives," "Personnel Records," "Student Records" or break out a new descriptor under one or more of those terms

Directors, see "Job Descriptions"

Disadvantaged Students, use "Programs for Disadvantaged Students"

Disaster Drills, use "Emergency/Safety Plans" and/or appropriate subcategories

Disaster Plans

Discharge of Staff Members, see "Dismissal"

Discipline, use "Student Discipline"

Discipline of Students with Disabilities

Disease Prevention, use "Communicable Diseases"


Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members

Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members

Dismissal Precautions, use "Student Dismissal Precautions"

Disposal of School Property, use "School Properties Disposal "

Disruptive Students, use "Student Conduct," "Student Discipline," or break out a new descriptor as appropriate in the JFC or JG sequence

Dissemination of Budget Recommendations

Dissemination of Information, use as appropriate "Policy Dissemination," "Reporting Board Meeting Business" "Regulations Dissemination," and/or "Public Information Program" and subcategories

Distribution of Supplies and Equipment, use "Material Resources Management" or appropriate subcategories

Distributive Education, use "Career-Technical Education" or break out a new descriptor in the IGAD sequence

District Administration Priority Objectives

District Annual Meeting, use "School Board Elections" or "Board Organizational Meeting," as appropriate

District Websites

Donations, see "Gifts"

Double Sessions, use "School Day"

Dress Code (Staff), see Staff Dress and Grooming

Drills, use "Emergency/Safety Plans" and/or appropriate subcategories

Driver Education

Dropouts, use "Student Withdrawal from School" or break out a new descriptor under that term


Student Drug Abuse

Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

Drug-Free Workplace

Drug Testing for School Bus Drivers

Drug Testing for District Personnel Required to Hold a Commercial 

Driver’s License

Drug Testing of Students in Interscholastic Athletics

Dual Enrollment, use as appropriate "Post Secondary Enrollment Options," "Relations with Other Schools and School Districts" and/or "School Admissions" or appropriate subcategories

Due Process, use "Student Due Process Rights"; however, the concept of due process will also apply to other descriptors pertaining to relations with staff, students and parents

Duplicating Services, use "Printing and Duplicating Services"


Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent

School Board Negotiating Powers and Duties

School Board Powers and Duties

Duties of Board Officers, use "Board Officers"

Duties of Staff Members, see "Job Descriptions"

Duty-Free Lunch, use "Professional Staff Time Schedules"

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